Reiki Master Jennifer

I was introduced to Reiki as a complementary treatment at Paoli Hospital while going through cancer treatment. And I can say Reiki changed my life.

I immediately felt equally energized and relaxed. It helped me get through my cancer treatment, and I decided to learn the art of Reiki, and devote my life to it. Now that I have completed my cancer treatment, I continue with my Reiki sessions for overall health and wellness, and to promote a strong immune system.

I am also an animal lover, and was so excited when i learned Reiki can help animals as well! After a lot of study and practice, I am a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner for both people and their pet companions. I often give Reiki to my three beautiful cats, and I've observed improvements in their behavior and general health.

I currently offer in person Reiki sessions at my office in Wayne, PA off of Old Eagle School Road, distance tele-health Reiki sessions over the phone, and Reiki sessions for your pet companions that can be either in person or a distance session. I can also travel to your home and have a portable table for convenience (there is an additional travel time fee for this service).